601 SHAMPOO COMB | RED | 225mm

Specially-sized to suit any and all tinting needs.

601 SHAMPOO COMB | RED | 225mm applies his time-tested design vision to the humble rake comb for fascinating results. In the YS-601, the grip is comfortable and dimpled to feel secure in your hand. It has rounded teeth to ensure an even and streak-free application of hair products. It also includes the signature Y.S. Park parting head with a shortened first tooth for quick picking up of hair sections. The biggest feature of the comb that sets it apart, however, is the self-standing design so that you dont have to set it down between uses. This allows for you to reach peak efficiency with your abilities, while reducing any messes that might result from placing it on a table while it remains covered in hair product.



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Y.S. PARK | 601 SHAMPOO COMB | RED | 225mm
601 SHAMPOO COMB | RED | 225mm