280 CLIPPER COMB | BLACK | 195mm

Designed for quick finishes.

280 CLIPPER COMB | BLACK | 195mm is a cleverly-designed cross between a standard cutting comb and a clipper comb. This gives barbers a single tool that covers both scissor and clipper work. It has a textured, ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable and easy to hold; additionally, it includes a larger hole at the end of the handle to conveniently hang it on a hook at the end of the day. Along the 280’s spine are Y.S. Park’s signature sectioning holes, spaced 1 cm apart to make it simple to pick up even sections.

The top of the brush is concave, which makes it easier to palace on the client’s scalp and determine a 90 degree angle.
Highly durable comb teeth with a flexible body and spine.
Unique handle ideal for any stylist’s preferred grip.
The textured handle comes with tasteful star-shaped holes to prevent slipping.



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Y.S. PARK | 280 CLIPPER COMB | BLACK | 195mm
280 CLIPPER COMB | BLACK | 195mm